Born in 1971, Otto Stürcke grew up in Southern California, and from an early age aspired to become a professional artist. His ambition was further cemented by two of his childhood teachers, Mrs. Ferris and Mrs. Main, who both had a keen talent for decorating their classrooms with their own art.

Primarily self-taught, Otto's talent became apparent as he delved into creating his high school yearbooks. During this time, he became more appreciative of the art world, drawing inspiration from Disney artists to the Renaissance masters.  He would be greatly influenced by the Dutch Masters of still life and their concept of “Chiaroscuro”.

While in high school, at the age of 17, Otto joined the U.S. Marine Corps in hopes of attaining financial aid for an art college. He was recognized for his drawing ability and was named the "artist private"; although, his plans were momentarily altered in 1991 when he was called to serve in Desert Storm.

Soon after his military service, Otto enrolled in art workshops and courses at several local art associations and colleges while launching his illustrative career for toy, television and film studio projects.  These years served him as a training ground for honing many techniques and mediums. After an introductory workshop on pastels by noted artist Dianna Ponting, Otto found his principal medium of choice.  He still continues to use different media to reflect his insight, including his love for oil painting, while seeking to refine his methods to enjoy every aspect of painting. 

As a representational artist, Otto seeks to find common ground between the contemporary and the classical. He aims to depict, the personal, the emotional, and the quiet elegance in his paintings through light, shadow, and texture.

 In recent years, Otto has garnered several awards for his works including the Art Spirit Foundation Dianne B. Bernhard Gold Medal Award by the Pastel Society of America, the “Best of 2012” by Art Los Angeles Magazine, and has also been chosen to be part of the American Latino Collective at the Smithsonian Museum.

Otto resides in Valencia, California with his wife Maria, their two sons, and their pug Luna.

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